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I'm a UX Designer
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Sandra Wdowiak

UX Designer

I am a creative and passionate problem solver who loves to design with people for people and greater good!

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Visual Thinking

I love to express my thoughts visually, hence I create a momentum on 3 levels (essential, cognitive and emotional) through my communication and storytelling.

Human Centric

I strive to put myself into other people’s shoes. I listen carefully to their needs, I empathize with their pains and gains and I ask questions to build better understanding.

Growth Mindset

I treat all experiences as an opportunity to learn. I am on a constant search for new inspirations and seek to expand my knowledge and horizons.

Creative Problem Solver

I carefully select the Ways of Working to create right solutions, depending on the challenge or opportunity in front. I am inspired by all the methodologies out there but I am not bounded to strictly follow one or another.

Passion and Enthusiasm spreading

I have a unique ability to positively influence others while always bringing my authentic self into all relations.



Hear what others have to say

  • Ronni Poulsen

    Head of AML Business Banking DK at Danske Bank

    “Sandra is a force of nature! The rate at which she learns, the amount of energy she brings into a room, and the courage she has to do and say what she believes in, is simply mind-blowing. [...] She brings just a little more creativity, positivity, speed and confidence into the work and workshops and it spills over to anyone who she collaborates with.“

  • Nikolina Vukelic

    Junior Data Architect & Java Developer at Nordea

    “Sandra has an amazing sense for both the business and the people she works with. She actively listens and ensures the right challenges are addressed. On top of that, she continues to experiment with different methods from the agile/safe concepts, design thinking, visual design, and her creativity knows no bounds.“

  • Katja Haasanen

    Senior Business Developer at Nordea

    “I really enjoyed working with Sandra. I liked her energy and passion to solve problems. Her design and drawing skills together with strong facilitation skills supported the project and enabled us to mature our thinking considerably.“

  • Mihaela Popa

    Training Project Manager at Global Wind Organisation

    “Sandra takes ownership and delivers innovative solutions whenever needed, being very pragmatical and creative in her working style. She moves tasks forward with ease and passion, making collaboration a very enjoyable process for all those involved. She is a good designer, always ready to co-create, provide sparing and relevant feedback. This connects with her learning mindset, curiosity and ability to easily learn new concepts and practices.“

  • Joanna Zagajewska

    Business Analyst at Nordea

    "Sandra is extremely creative, innovative and she thinks outside the box, which take her projects to a whole other level. [...] When it comes to working in group, she is cooperative, engaged but most importantly she truly listens. [...] She almost always finds something new she could learn, and she reflects upon the things she could improve."

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